February 1, 2013

J Princess: January's Featured Wanderer

For my first featured wanderer I wanted to start with someone, well of course I had no choice, ha kidding! Anyways, someone really close to me (I unfortunately live with her, whyyyyy!? again, kidding). My little sister, Princess, with her growing sense of style (I think I'm also her inspiration, she just won't admit it atm) became my first pick for the month of January. Sorry, I know it's already February but I'll try much better with the updated posts because I absolutely find blogging therapeutic and I have lots of ideas, coming soon! So stay in touch with me! Btw, a featured wanderer blog post is focused on someone's distinct style, random facts about fashion, outfit shots and mainly about them. Okay, here we go for our first one!

Princess slouched lazily into her be-yourself pose. What 14 year old would pick acid wash jeans, oxford creepers, thrift sweater vest and an oversized denim button-down for a school outfit? Her details on matching clothes were derived from the books, music & movies most 14 year olds wouldn't capture an inch of interest on. She has this tough exterior which is a 100% true by the way, she's quick-witted, firm and I guess maybe as a normal critical older sister I wouldn't agree on her peculiar choices at times because even my fashion influence wouldn't stop her from rocking beat up laced up booties rather than pink girly ballet flats to match a short dress. Seriously if you're 14 again, could you pull off a comfortable grungy outfit? Or do you kind of lean on the girly side? What do you prefer?

Her 5 must haves: creepers, dairy, pugs, a Roald Dahl book & Dwight from The Office
Style inspirations: Audrey Hepburn, Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen
Dream Travel: India or a secret island somewhere

See you guys on my next post! tata for now! <3, Jelah Dawn

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